Outdoor Kitchens

San Antonio provides the perfect atmosphere for outdoor living. Our climate and long summer evenings are ideal for highly utilized outdoor spaces. Our outdoor kitchens give our clients the perfect space to cook, dine, and entertain. Don’t let dinner time spoil your ability to enjoy the outdoors. See how adding a kitchen to your outdoor living space can benefit your family.

Outdoor Kitchens Provide Functional Outdoor Living Spaces

Dinner time has never been easier when you implement the great outdoors into your regular cooking routine. Our team is experienced and skilled in taking your vision and transforming it into a beautifully designed space that can be used as a living area for all seasons. Our outdoor kitchens are designed to provide that dream space you’ve been looking for, and give your neighbors something to talk about.

If you enjoy being outdoors, you can take your experience to a new level and enhance your outdoor living space. The benefits of these kitchens include:

  • Great entertainment option for the whole family
  • An investment that adds value to your home
  • Easier cooking methods by keeping the heat and smoke outdoors
  • An extended living space to build memories
  • A space to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special events without having to pack your house

Design and Planning Services for Outdoor Kitchens

Bradley Landscaping offers a team that specializes in every step of the process involved in enhancing your outdoor living space. We will listen to your ideas and sketch a design that considers your entertainment needs, available space, and your budget. We will assess your property to determine the best plan to create your design while connecting gas, water, and electricity to your kitchen. You will have many designs, material, and shapes to choose from.

We will ensure your space is combines beauty and functionality with safety to prevent injury in your outdoor space. You will be involved in every step of the process including equipment choices, seating requirements, size, and style. Add amenities to your outdoor kitchen that will help you further entertain your guests. Our outdoor kitchens can include:

  • Gas grills
  • Patio dining areas
  • Pizza ovens
  • Wood fire smokers
  • & more!

For quality installation that meets all your needs, Bradley landscaping has been the top choice in creating beautiful, functional living space in the great outdoors.