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  • Agave Salmiana

    Botanical Name: Giant Agave

    The Agave Salmiana is native to central and southern Mexico. The spiral shaped rosette has large, flared leaves that stand erect. The leaves are dark green, and flowers are bright yellow.

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  • Agrila Texas

    Botanical Name: Berberis (or Mahonia) trifoliolata

    The Agrila Texas is a native shrub of Texas. It serves as a great border or barrier plant because of its sharply pointed leaves. The branches of the Agrila Texas are stiff and spread out in many directions.

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  • Anacharcho Orchid Tree

    Botanical Name: Botanical Name: Bauhinia lunarioides

    The Anacacho Orchid tree a native of Mexico and some South-Western regions of Texas. The plant is commonly known as a large shrub but can be pruned into a small tree. It is characterized by irregular growth patterns.

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  • Anacua

    Botanical Name: Botanical Name: Ehretia anacua

    The Anacua is a native of Southern Texas. It is categorized as an evergreen south of San Antonio because of the light winters, and a semi-evergreen everywhere else.

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