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Bark Mulch and Composting Applications

Landscaping beds add to the beauty of your landscaped property. Bradley Landscaping offers Bark Mulch and Composting Applications to replenish your existing bark mulch. Our composting applications use high-quality, organic materials to enhance the overall appearance of your landscape. Sustain a healthy garden and lawn with our supplemental services.

Bark Mulch and Composting Applications Benefits

Bark mulch and composting applications have many benefits for your lawn and garden. Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your landscape. It gives your plants a protective barrier and covers bare soil. The advantages of mulching are vast, but they include:

  • Limit the amount of weed in your garden. Mulch creates a barrier that limits the amount of sunlight to feeds the weeds.
  • Retain moisture for hotter days. As mulch covers the soil, it retains moisture and limits evaporation.
  • Prevents soil erosion. Mulching keeps the rain from washing away your soil.
  • Maintains nutrients. Mulch keeps soil nutrients from being washed away in the rain and releases nutrients into the soil when organic materials are used.
  • Mulch control pests.
  • Encourages earthworms to occupy your garden soil. Earthworms improve soil structure and nutrient cycling.
  • Polish up your garden. Mulch gives your garden a fresh, clean look. Fill empty spaces with these easy to care for solution.

Regardless of the size of your landscape, recycling green debris into compost is convenient and beneficial. Our composting application services will deliver quality, organic materials to your garden and landscape.

Why You Need Bark Mulch and Composting Applications?

While mulching and composting can be done on your own, our professional services are the solution many home, and business owners, look for to reduce the maintenance needs of their property. Bark mulch and composting applications can be the landscaping solution you need to bring the quality results to your yard and garden.

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