We offer the most affordable rates in
high quality sod installation. From product to service,
you can count on quality that meets your budget needs.

Sod Installation San Antonio

Bradley Landscaping offers installation of many types of sod grass species. These include St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Bermuda. We offer the most affordable rates in high quality sod installation in San Antonio. From product to service, you can count on quality that meets your budget needs. Our team has years of experience working with quality sod providers in the San Antonio area. We require our sod providers to be dependable while offering a variety of types of grass to deliver premium sod. You will never have a problem with weed or pest infestation.

Our Sod Installation Process

Professional and effective are the standards we live by when it comes to delivering sod solutions to our clients. A sod installation expert will examine and evaluate your property to determine the right solution to fit your needs. We assess your sun/shade mix that your lawn currently gets to find the best option for your sod variety. Once we have reviewed our findings, we will recommend the best sod type for your property and deliver an estimate of cost.

We will work within your budget to ensure you have the most affordable sod solutions for your landscape. We will deliver and install your sod on a day and time that works for you. Our process is detailed to ensure quality when it comes to your sod installation. We’ll remove all existing grass and weed, and mark off locations of your existing sprinkler heads. Our professional installers will loosen the soil to promote healthy root growth for your new sod. Once your lawn has been prepared, we will install your new sod in a way that promotes great root contact and a smooth finish for your final lawn. We’ll test your sprinkler system to make sure everything is in working order and provide watering instructions to help you new lawn thrive.

Sod Installation San Antonio for a Beautiful, Useable Lawn

Your lawn will not only look great, but you can use it. Once we have completed your installation and you have followed your watering instructions, you can enjoy your new lawn with the peace of mind only Bradley Landscaping can provide. Our customers trust Bradley Landscaping to deliver the highest quality work backed by the best customer satisfaction.

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