The Shumard Oak is a native of Texas. Because it prefers moist, well-drained soil, it can be found along creeks and swamps. As one of the largest red oaks available, the Shumard Oak is known to reach heights of over 100 feet. Its broad base can span a width of 60 feet, so it’s important to take this into consideration when planting.

The new growth of the Shumard Oak is light grey and very smooth. The trunk and branches begin to darken with age and the smooth trunk develops ridges. The broad leaves of the Shumard Oak come to a distinctive point and grow up to eight inches in length. They are dark green on top, light green on the bottom, and turn shades of yellow, red, and brown in the fall season.

During late summer heat, the leaves of the Shumard Oak will die and fall premature due to heat stress and drought. The tree takes up to three years to fully mature. Its acorns are around one inch in diameter and serve as a popular food source for squirrels, deer, and birds.