The Red Tip Photinia is an evergreen shrub that is popularly used as a large hedge or screen. The fast-growing shrub can reach 15 feet in height and width. It can easily be pruned into hedges, topiaries, and even various tree forms.

The name “Red Tip Photinia” comes from the bronze-red foliage that emerges from the branch tips as new foliage. In the spring, large white blossoms can be seen. The rich bronze-red new foliage of the Red Tip Photinia turns to a green color a month later, but new foliage continues to show through the summer.

Fraseri can tolerate leaf spot and mildew, but is best grown in well-ventilated, sunny areas. Photinia is tolerant of drought once it is established, but often runs into another problem. The plant ranks on top of the charts for a deer’s favorite food, so it often runs the risk of being eaten by deer.