The Conrad Pyle was developed by William Radler. It holds the patent of one of the most popular line roses in the landscapes of Texas. The Knock Out Roses are reinvigorated roses. The “Radrazz” Knock Out Rose is one of the original cultivars and is very tolerant of the hot and dry climates known to sweep Texas. The “Radrazz” is highly resistant to rose-plaguing diseases. This has become the fastest selling new rose of all time.

The “Radrazz” is identified by its deep cherry red single blooms. Appearing abundantly in later winter, they show for a week or two then drop off until they bloom again throughout the summer under the first frost. Pruning the shrubs midwinter can encourage the branches to fill out the plant and create more blooms.

In 2000, the Radrazz won the All-American Rose aware when it was introduced. It was also named a Texas Superstar in 2004. The popular Knockout Rose can be commonly seen through landscapes throughout Texas.