The Sandankwa Viburnum is a deer resistant shrub that is native to Japan. The shrub is known for its open-spreading growth habit. The branches of the shrub grow out quickly and require regular pruning to keep the small, compact shape. If you don’t tend to the shrub, it can grow up to twelve feet in height and width.

The leaves of the Sandankwa Viburnum start as a light green color and turn to a darker shade of green as the shrub matures. The leaves are an oval-shape with serrated edges. They have highly aromatic tendencies that sometimes cause them to be used in flower arrangements. In the spring, small tubular flowers grow out of the end of new branches. The flowers are white to pale pink and appear sporadically throughout the summer. In the fall, the flowers are replaced by small red berries that attract wildlife. The Sandankwa Viburnum grow best in moist, well-drained soil.