The Sweet Viburnum a native to Asia. It is a large shrub or small tree native. The fast-growing plant has established itself in Texas. The smooth, leathery leaves of the Sweet Viburnum can grow up to six inches long. They are dull green on one side and bright on the other.

When supported by full sun, the Sweet Viburnum becomes a thick, full shrub that is great to use along fence lines as a privacy screen or sound break. In the shade, the shrub does not grow as full, but pruning can help enhance growth. Pruning along the lower branches of the Sweet Viburnum forms the shrub into a small tree. In the spring, the entire plant is covered with small white flowers that are very fragrant. This is where the Viburnum got its name “Sweet Viburnum.” Red berries follow and turn black in the fall, easily attracting birds to the plant.

The shrub is relatively pest and disease free. Because it is a viburnum, it is as deer resistant as possible.